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I work closely with my husband Kevin, who is a wedding photographer at HeadOverHeels Photography. He knows just how to capture the special moments during a Celebrant led wedding. You can view some of his beautiful photographs here

There are many men and women in the UK living with life limiting conditions or terminal illness who long to marry their special partner in life.

The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation believe that few things in life can be more important or rewarding, than giving such a person a chance to have their dream wedding day, with all the excitement, love and happiness that brings.

I am proud to be associated with this charity and to helping make a difference. For more information please visit their website. www.weddingwishingwell.org.uk

Michelle Taylor

Wedding and Family Celebrant

Getting off on the right foot....

The sun is shining and Spring is definitely in the air….I’m celebrating a milestone birthday this month and so far….feeling pretty epic about it all! 50 is only a number…it is how you feel about life, love and the universe that affects and effects everything around you…

I had the awesome pleasure of conducting a ceremony last Sunday at Gaynes Park in Epping, Essex, between two beautiful souls….The wedding really wasn’t about just the two of them though, it was (as it should be) about the coming together of two families and shared values….AND WHAT FAMILIES!!!!!! 

I have never seen smiles and grins like it from both sides….There was so much laughter, in all the right places….a little bit of heckling ….again in all the right places.And the right amount of jostling as everyone tried to get ‘the’ shot of the Bride and Groom as they completed a Saapatia ceremony…..2 clay pots are placed at their feet, containing lentils, silver, sugar and turmeric. The contents signify the bounty of nature, prosperity, sweetness and good health…The first to break the pot traditionally rules the household…

Being the fair person that I am, I tried to hold the groom back a little, giving his new bride the freedom to express herself fully. The groom managed to kick the brides pot away from her…so it was just out of reach. All done in such good humour it was a joy to behold. And so we started the countdown… 3,2…….We didn’t quite get to 1 as the bride was out of the starting blocks and stamping down on her Saapatia before the groom had chance to lift his foot….The room erupted with cheers and shouts, laughter and clapping……It was beyond fun and just….so them. 

This is what your wedding day should be about, enjoying every second and celebrating love in all its glory with those who mean the most to you.

I wish the new Mr & Mrs Jaffer, a lifetime of love and laughter….they certainly got off on the right foot!

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And we’re off!

Wedding season 2017 got off to an awesome start with a ceremony at Seckford Hall last week….What a stunning location…Nestled just outside of Woodbridge in Suffolk it really is a magnificent building and has ‘to die for’ grounds! 

We had such a fantastic day with the new Mr & Mrs Swinburn…An intimate ceremony, with a room full of love, laughter and tears of joy as well as floorboards that tried to steal the brides shoes… that raised a giggle or two, and made for a good photo op! 

I’ve never seen a prouder man welcoming his bride as she walked towards him…and I’ve done a LOT of weddings! The love was just so….infectious…

Just waiting for the bride and groom to see their photos when they get back from Honeymoon and then I can post some too. 

The wedding day was followed by a wedding fair at one of my other favourite venues, Crabbs Barn in Essex, a quaint little gem near Kelvedon. I am SO lucky to get to work at the places I do, it really makes a great job fantastic, knowing I have a rapport with everyone involved in a couples big day! 

So now I am moving towards my next ceremony, with a practice tomorrow at a new venue for me, Gaynes Park in Epping. I’m looking forward to having a good nose round as the photos on their website look fabulous, and who knows it could find itself on my favourite venues list….it is growing all the time! 

And then on Sunday a wedding fair at a brand new alternative venue, the Avenue Theatre in Ipswich…Home of the Red Rose Chain Theatre company…They’re the ones that do the theatre in the forest at Jimmy’s Farm…Shakespeare in the woods…it is a great addition to a summer’s evening entertainment  schedule…Anyway I digress! I will be conducting 2 mock ceremonies on Sunday to showcase a few of the symbolic rituals that can be included into a wedding ceremony and am very excited to say that they will be filmed, so watch this space for some videos of me in action! 

Posted 3 weeks ago
<p>#suffolkcelebrant       #ladylove.                       Seckford Hall, ready for today’s ceremony …it’s all about the love 😍</p>

#suffolkcelebrant #ladylove. Seckford Hall, ready for today’s ceremony …it’s all about the love 😍

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