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 I work closely with my husband,Kevin, who is  wedding photographer, at Head over Heels Photography, he knows just how to capture the special moments during a Celebrant led wedding. You can view some of his beautiful photographs here.

 There are many men and women in the UK living with life limiting conditions or terminal illness who long to marry their special partner in life.

The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation believe that few things in life can be more important or rewarding, than giving such a person a chance to have their dream wedding day, with all the excitement, love and happiness that brings.

I am proud to be associated with this charity and to helping make a difference.

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Michelle Taylor

Wedding and Family Celebrant

WELL Jimmy’s Farm garden is back in full bloom again this summer, what a stunning backdrop on a sunny afternoon for a very rustic ceremony last Saturday…Congratulations to Mr & Mrs McCormack. I wish you a long and happy marriage

Posted 1 week ago

Sometimes this job throws up the most amazing opportunities and allows me, as a Celebrant, to explore cultural and spiritual avenues I would not have otherwise travelled. Today I conducted the most amazing Shamanic based wedding ceremony. It included a spiritual smudging with white sage to cleanse the wedding area, the couple and their rings. Followed by an uplifting hand fasting with 8 cords,where promises were made to each other, friends and families and culminating in a very fun broom jump, as they left their old lives and moved forward together into their new lives…..Thank you Mr & Mrs Abson for such an awesome opportunity and I wish you so much love and light as you start  your wedded life together.

Posted 2 weeks ago


Well what an amazing day yesterday…The bride and groom’s attention to detail in creating their magical Alice in Wonderland themed wedding breakfast, and all decorations around the stunning gardens of Otley Hall…..It was such a privilege to be able to conduct the ceremony of two wonderful people who I am blessed to be able to call friends….Mo and Jamie Shearman…may you lives be full of adventure and may you always be…just a little bit bonkers xxx

Posted 3 weeks ago

So excited for tomorrow….Mo & Jamie tying the knot in more ways than one in a fabulous Alice in Wonderland inspired ceremony…The whole day is going to be magical and I am so chuffed to be playing a part in it

Posted 3 weeks ago

A wonderful afternoon at Hengrave Hall, conducted my very first ceremony in a church!
The church and grounds at the hall are stunning!
The staff are amazing, and the bride and groom looked fabulous..
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Siddall

Posted 4 weeks ago
<p>A lovely sign made just for me to share with my couples as a polite reminder to guests to turn phones off and put them away for the ceremony </p>

A lovely sign made just for me to share with my couples as a polite reminder to guests to turn phones off and put them away for the ceremony 

Posted 5 weeks ago

Make my dreams come true


The above link is an article in a local paper..My dream is to conduct a full on Harry Potter themed ceremony, owl,muggle,witches and wizards welcome 

Posted 5 weeks ago

Getting fed up with all this rain now….I have 2 outdoor ceremonies planned for this weekend, so it had best hurry up and dry up!

unfortunately the weather is not something that we can ever predict in this country but we can always enjoy ourselves even if it is raining.
Check the forecast, ensure you have appropriate footwear and purchase a funky brolly or two….A good photographer can always turn a wet day into a fabulous photoshoot too and you will certainly have photos that stand out from the norm.

So as much as I really don’t want to get wet this weekend,it really doesn’t matter if I do, there will still be lots of fun and laughter and celebrations guaranteed.

Posted 5 weeks ago

The end of an extremely busy month, weddings, commitment ceremonies and a naming.. All very different.. All lots of fun.. Roll on June.. Some awesome venues and fabulous couples … I love my job 😄

Posted 8 weeks ago

A fun filled afternoon yesterday down at the farm.. Jimmy’s Farm to be precise.. A fab wedding celebration for the new Mr & Mrs Hanley.. Congratulations guys X

Posted 8 weeks ago

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