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I work closely with my husband Kevin, who is a wedding photographer at HeadOverHeels Photography. He knows just how to capture the special moments during a Celebrant led wedding. You can view some of his beautiful photographs here

There are many men and women in the UK living with life limiting conditions or terminal illness who long to marry their special partner in life.

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Michelle Taylor

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Where to start???? 

I’ve been so busy over the past few weeks that I’ve only just found time to sit down and reflect on recent events and the strange downturn in the weather. This time last year I was as happy as a lark, thinking that all of my outdoor ceremonies had gone to plan…the sun had shone at the right time,(even if rain did later put a dampner on proceedings later in the day) BUT I’m finding myself feeling that maybe I was a bit too smug thinking that all of my outdoor ceremonies this year would go as swimmingly! 

I think I did need my swimming cozzie for a couple of them the other week too! Oh my did the heavens open, but it is fair to say that the ducks and the gardens were very happy with the downpours! 

So…rolling back a couple of weeks and my busiest ever wedding weekend, as well as my wettest…4 ceremonies in 4 days…3 of them outdoors…

As is my habit, when it comes to all of my ceremonies I keep a close eye on the weather forecast for that week and in equal measures it seems ‘yay’ and curse at the BBC weather app on my phone, I wasn’t happy with what was unfolding before my eyes.

The first of my outdoor weddings…An absolutely fabulous location, Captains Wood at Gt Toton…I was privileged to find out that I was the first celebrant to conduct a ceremony that wasn’t for a family member at the venue. (AND I’m lucky enough to have 2 more ceremonies booked in there for this year and next…I can’t wait to go back) 

A lovely walk to a woodland clearing, the canopy of trees keeping us dry from the shower that swept overhead just as the bride prepared to make her entrance..Luckily that was it and the sun came out dappling the clearing with golden rays throughout the rest of the ceremony…perfect….

Not so lucky with my next venue a lakeland setting at Dannbury Park, again a first for them (yay go me!) 

Thankfully the bride and groom had had the  foresight to erect some marquees for the guests to sit under. As the bride approached in her horse drawn carriage to the strains of a Thousand Stars by Billy Fury the first drops of rain started to fall. An umbrella was quickly produced, seemingly from nowhere, and my couple  were saved from the worst of the elements.

The rain steadily worsened, resulting in one plucky celebrant (aka…me..) ducking for cover under the marquee…not getting my hair wet for anyone! 

AND boy did we then have a torrential downpour..But hey, it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day…so they had it in abundance!

The following day saw me at the last of my outdoor weddings for that weekend.

I Arrived at Marks Hall in brilliant sunshine, the garden was all set up for a beautiful ceremony…my eyes lit up at its splendour! 

 Literally 5 minutes before the bride was due to take her walk down the aisle, and as I was just conducting my pre wedding check with her, it started to drizzle…then it got heavier and heavier and our schedule was pushed further and further back….eeekkk….

What should have been a 2pm ceremony outdoors ended up being a 3.30pm ceremony indoors!! But we coped…a bit of rejigging and calming of nerves still resulted in a meaningful ceremony being delivered and yours truly driving home knowing that I’d left a happy bride and groom celebrating with family and friends.

AND then finally onto my last ceremony of my busy week…Another first…The first ever celebrant led ceremony at Christchurch Mansion, a beautiful Tudor Mansion in the centre of Christchurch Park, Ipswich. Oh what a joy to be indoors, when it started to drizzle outside! 

Phew,survived, and had so much fun helping 4 couples celebrate their big days. There were ups and downs for us all, stresses and pressures, but like a swan…we glided through on the surface as our little feet were paddling away like mad under the water! Just another reason why using a trained celebrant will help  your day run smoothly, regardless of what outside factors try their best to derail it.

So to all my couples that weekend, Mr & Mrs Dieu De Bellefontaine, Mr & Mrs Barnes, Mr & Mrs Kennedy and Mr & Mrs Cable-Davey, you have so much to look forward to. It rained on your big days and so you have all the luck in the world too. I wish you joy and happiness always.  

Posted 5 days ago

I just love fitting in with a theme, and last weekend I got to celebrate the fusion of two slightly different cultures as America met England in a fun, laughter and emotion filled ceremony by wearing my cowboy boots, along with the rest of the bridal party!

 Sara and Tommy’s story had me sobbing as I wrote it, they had to overcome their own adversities just to be together. As we shared their story and celebrated 6 years of marriage with family and friends there wasn’t  dry eye in the house! They topped the ceremony off with a beautiful family sand ceremony. Their past, present and futures met as 3 generations from their families helped to create the most wonderful of keepsakes.

And I think I managed to send the Americans home to do a bit of research about (my love at least of) brown sauce…And proper bacon! Hopefully it will translate into brown sauce (HP’s of course) appearing in diners throughout the USA some time soon, much nicer than ketchup with everything in my opinion.

I love when love spans continents, crosses the oceans and allows us all to be just a little bit closer to one another. Love is what should fuel our reason for living and Sara and Tommy showed us that in spades (and cowboy boots) last weekend. 

What will your story be? 

Posted 3 weeks ago
<p>And they all wore cowboy boots!</p>

And they all wore cowboy boots!

Posted 3 weeks ago



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