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Back in the City

A short blog today as we did bugger all!! It’s rained on and off all day, really heavy downpours, but it’s also been very muggy. So we took the opportunity to wash clothes and recharge batteries, literally, as everything was flashing red at us.

We did take a short walk for Kev to take a couple of photos and then back to chilling on the decking with a little snooze thrown in too!

And then onto another highlight of my holiday, meeting up with some fellow Celebrants for dinner at a local restaurant. There was lots of chatter, life, love and death was discussed, a few stories exchanged. A thoroughly enjoyable evening spent in some wonderful company.

A slow walk home to find everyone else still up and once again we found ourselves chatting into the wee small hours.

Today we are off into the city for more sightseeing and lunch with one of Allen’s old colleagues, she must be alright, she’s a Brummie ( we get everywhere!) it’s cooled down a bit( so far the promised hail showers haven’t materialised),so here’s hoping for another fun packed day in Melbourne.

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2017 ~ A year in review pt.3


Lisa and Dan rounded off my month with a lovely vow renewal and 3-way handfasting with their daughter. Bonds were strengthened, promises made and the family dog acknowledged as the family reaffirmed their love for one another. It was lovely looking at their wedding album with family and friends and putting an English twist on the old Quaich ceremony with a 2 handled teacup and some rhubarb and ginger gin liqueur…yummy.


August also found me being nominated for an award. The Wedding Industry Awards 2018  (TWIA2018) were the first awards company to establish a category especially for celebrants and one of my lovely couples nominated me, so I spent to the rest of the summer asking everyone to vote for me and keeping everything firmly crossed. 




Sam and Carl had a table full of photos in the woods as we included their grandparents into the ceremony with candle lighting in their honour.

Another visit to the beautiful Captains Wood Barn saw family and friends witness our happy couple seal their love in a letter to each other with a bottle of vodka in a box that had been crafted for them by Sam’s father. The box was nailed shut and will be put away until their 5th wedding anniversary.


September was the month of naming ceremonies for me. Two gorgeous little ladies turned one this month and it was a pleasure to formally welcome Juno into her family as Hannah & Freddie celebrated a year in the life of their precious little bundle. She is such an independent and confident little girl who is adored by all who know her and I count myself amongst that number. It has been wonderful watching her grow and develop over the past year or so.


Ben and Dani welcomed their little Lioness Imara into their family as two families came together for the first time in a very long time and she dazzled everyone with her gorgeous smile and little personality. Such a little poppet, I’m smiling thinking about her right now.



David & Laura had a Gospel Choir at Easton Grange in Suffolk …Goosebumps!

 I do like a good bit of gospel music…Awesome.

We finished their ceremony with unity candle lighting. Both mums and David’s daughter lit a candle, and from these taper candles, the bride and groom lit a single candle that signified their separate lives becoming one. A beautiful way to end a simply elegant ceremony.


Kandis and Kelly rounded off my wedding year with a bit of a windy ceremony down at Jimmy’s Farm. Storm Brian tried his best to blow us away, but we were having none of it! A homage or two to Harry Potter and Victoria Wood and a self penned reading from the brides, read lovingly by a family member. They had two handfasting cords that were tied together just as their lives and families were indelibly tied together from that day forward.







And so we come to the end of my working 2017 with a gifted ceremony for Nic & Pete at Layer Marney Tower. It was an honour to give something back to a very deserving couple as we schemed behind their back to create a ceremony to mark 13years of marriage. To say they were stunned is an understatement but joy coursed through every fibre of my being to be involved in such a wonderful afternoon.


OH…And I ALMOST forgot!

November was indeed a top month!

I was awarded TWIA 2018 Regional award for Celebrant of the year!



Thrilled and humbled by the votes of so many of my couples this year. Now to await the National results in January.

No matter who wins, the fact that Celebrants now have their own category in a national award is monumental and shows just how far the industry has come. When I first started out and tried advertising in directories no one knew where to put me and so I often found myself put in the ‘OTHER’ category…normally next to the luxury portaloos!! How times have changed!

We have an industry specific directory now, lots of groups on Facebook and other social media sites and people are realising choices like never before are opening up to them. A total win, win all round.


It has been an amazing business year and I’m ending it on a high as I work on a rebrand with some very talented people and I can’t wait to unveil the new me in the spring!

 Thank you to all my couples and families, thank you to all the photographers that have provided me with the photographic evidence of my year! And a big thank you to my hubby Kevin at www.headoverheelsphotography.co.uk for his unwavering support and awesome photos! 

For now though it is time to sign off and to wish you and yours a very Happy and prosperous New Year . I hope 2018 brings joy and wonders in abundance!

 Michelle x

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2017 ~ A year in review pt.2


June was a month of rest, relatively speaking!  

Only one ceremony to perform for the gorgeous Anna and Kenny…

And what a blast we had, the hottest weekend of the year (full stop I think), another glorious outdoor ceremony, we all started melting slightly though and I had to lend the groom my fan as he stood there in full kilt and caboodle. 

We celebrated all things Celtic, as Scottish and Welsh roots combined; a handfasting, Quaich and fabulous reading by the Groom’s dad in his wonderful Scottish lilting accent. I was heckled by the unforgiving crowd as I told them obviously when it came to rugby…there was only one team…. but I redeemed myself as we wove through their love story and we ended with cheers and applause and just the best day!

Kev was their photographer and we caught some fabulous moments for them and left way later than scheduled because what had been a wonderful day turned into a fantastic quintessential balmy summers evening and we were loathe to leave the party, but leave we must and so at nearly 11 o’clock at night we chatted all the way home, full of the joys of such a wonderful day…. oh and the promise of another one yet to come…. I’ll introduce you to Gareth and Wayne in August!


 My busiest month ever!  8 ceremonies!  5 in 4 days. …Hold onto your hats!

The 1st day of the month (pinch punch) found Kev and I working together once again…bit of a habit this Mr T!

For the wedding ceremony of Sammi and Lee…SQUEEEEEE…. two beyond gorgeous human beings!!

Lee’s parents had been prepping their back garden for the best part of a year for their ceremony and we had everything crossed for a perfect summers day…we got it!

We had such a laid back and chilled day with a couple that were up for anything. I know that their wedding photos certainly captured their fun personalities and their insistence on including us in their wedding breakfast was gratefully received. It was a long but such a brilliant day, as we had to wait for the sun to set to try and get the perfect sparkler picture! Despite the mozzies trying to eat me we achieved it with the help of some of the bridal party.

Sue and Colin tied the knot a few days later in Felixstowe at the Orwell Hotel, oh we had such a giggle, especially as Colin is originally from the Black Country & I being a Brummie, could not resist the temptation to slip into a bit of local lingo part way through the ceremony.  Love has no boundaries, it’s fair to say that our two lovebirds found each other later in life and bonded over a mutual love of all things! There really is nothing that these two can’t debate or share or take an interest in and I know in each other they have found a new lease of life. They really are soul mates who have found their own equilibrium and now each other. A truly beautiful love story that I was privileged to play a small part in bringing to life.

Sara and Tommy, their story should be made into a film, it had me in tears. Injustice and joy in equal amounts, how they met, fell in love, married, got torn apart by circumstances and had to endure a long distance marriage for the longest of times before being reunited on Christmas day…forever…We got to celebrate in proper transatlantic style as we welcomed a little bit of America to deepest darkest Essex and one of my favourite venues, Crabbs Barn.

I taught the Americans about Brown sauce and they taught me about fabulous cowboy boots as Tommy and Sara got to celebrate their anniversary in style with a ceremony they never really had when they first got married.

Boy… did those tears flow and a beautiful family inspired sand ceremony topped the day off as two did indeed finally and properly become one.

Welcome to Blighty Tommy…have you learnt the offside rule yet?

My ‘mad’ weekend kicked off with the wedding of Dawn and Matt at Captains Wood Barn, in the beautiful woodland clearing. It was a bittersweet celebration of love and family as we remembered someone very dear who could not be there in any other way than spirit. I know you did him proud though Matt.

The kids behaved beautifully and some stunning photos captured the poignant moments of the handfasting and jumping the broom and the kids got to join in with it too…so sweet

We were running slightly late due to the Bride’s transport not turning up, but the hairdresser saved the day by bringing her and her maids to the ceremony in her old VW camper van…phew.

The sound guy had a suspected heart attack whilst setting up, so some frantic calls were made to get that sorted as the paramedics attended to him (luckily heart attack ruled out, but he still had to go to hospital) and the heavens threatened to open part way through the ceremony, but luckily the rain held off until we were all safely back in the barn…. phew AGAIN! 

No such luck though as I made my way across to Nicola and Jason’s venue. Danbury Country Park…Only 9 miles away, the difference in the weather was rather stark…it was excellent weather for ducks!

The heavens literally opened as the bride made her way to the ceremony area in her open top horse drawn carriage resplendent in her 50’s dress and beehive up do…Luckily they had had the foresight to erect a couple of gazebos for protection as I dived under one to conduct the ceremony…They stood under their wedding arch with an umbrella and it all went swimmingly…literally!!! 

We had such a laugh, torrential rain was never gonna dampen our spirits and as per usual, when faced with adversity there is nothing like rising to the challenge!

 The carriage had a roof that was hastily put up ready for their trip back to the farm for their party and everyone left, slightly damp but with the biggest smiles certainly a wedding day they will never forget… and anyway, it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day anyway…right?

Well the following day, the weather was still being resistant to my charms and was alternating between sunshine and showers…. We were aiming for an outdoor ceremony at Marks Hall for Helen and Matthew, but the weather gods were certainly not playing ball and after much umming and ahhing we had to plump for an indoor ceremony …2 hours later than scheduled due to the seating having to be rearranged and the registrar squeezed in for the legal’s…

A beautiful snowy owl flew in the rings and with a bit of revision the ceremony went well but all of the choreography went out of the window…. Being able to think on your feet is a major priority for all celebrants…Stay calm, there is always a Plan B or C…

They concluded their ceremony with the tying of a fisherman’s knot, an unusual take on the handfasting idea.

Two cords represent each as an individual -encompassing all of the unique and special gifts they bring to a marriage.

As the cords are fastened together, the actions represent the joining of two lives into one common purpose. Although the fisherman’s knot is one of the simplest to tie, it is also one of the sturdiest. As stress is applied, the knot becomes ever stronger just as a marriage should!

Monday saw me wending my way back into Suffolk and Christchurch Mansion in Ipswich, the honour of being the first celebrant at the venue did not go unnoticed… by now I had given up on the weather being anything other than what it was…. Normal for England in July…bloody horrible!!

But we enjoyed a fabulous ceremony as Jessica and Billy tied the knot with a handfasting in another fabulous historic venue. I’d met this lovely couple over a year before at a wedding fair, with her mum.

We had got chatting about what I could do as a celebrant and their eyes just lit up…They did have a registrar booked but were finding themselves being so restricted they were resigning themselves to not quite having the day they wanted…. Well it all changed in a heartbeat and they got exactly what they wanted!  Billy and Jess were absolutely wonderful to work with as we created their dream ceremony. I love it when a plan comes together for all involved and love wins.

Sophia and Adrian rounded off the month for me. Mr & Mrs Pocket Watch and Petticoat had a weddingfest  to remember, in a field on a farm with a proper pucker festival vibe going on. We had singing, we had dancing, we had such a blast, and this was during the ceremony!

Live music during the reception, food and drink stalls, and a chilled out vibe that so complimented them and their families. Luckily we managed to complete the ceremony before the rain kicked in, but again, the bride was of the opinion, ‘so what, rain just means everyone stays in the tipi to dance the afternoon and evening away, win, win’!

A gift of a rose to the children with promises to love and cherish them, singing, dancing and an all round happy glow…magical….


I had to do a Sundance for Zoe and Patrick’s big day, it absolutely tipped it down in the preceding couple of hours and I thought we were going to get drenched at our fabulous riverside venue. But literally as I pulled up in the car park the sun came out and shone all afternoon, my wellies were rather hot and sticky in the end, but given the amount of rain we had suffered that week I thought they were a prudent and essential piece of kit, hey ho.

 Zoe and Pat are in a band and I was (still am a bit) well jel to know they know Dave Gahan and the rest of Depeche Mode in person, having toured with them a couple of times!  Our Greek twist on the Polish Bread, salt and vodka ceremony went down well and they managed to avoid hitting the guests with their shot glasses as they threw them over their shoulders, hehe.  I loved all the little touches they incorporated to keep their guests happy and entertained as they partied the day away. 

Another first at a new venue, Tudor Barn saw Kelly and Ben kick off their married life with a lot of football references and a ref’s whistle.

We had everyone join in with the brides brothers favourite hymn as a child in tribute to a much love family member who is no longer with us…AND we even had the hand actions much to everyone’s delight and mirth.

I can admit it now, as I don’t think the groom is on FB…wellllll…Kelly and I cheated…just a little bit when it came to their version of the bread and vodka ceremony…She insisted I told her which shot glass held the vodka before the ceremony started, hehehe…she was determined to be the one to drink it!

For those not familiar with this ritual, a couple share bread so they won’t know hunger, place a speck of salt on their tongue so they wont no bitterness in their marriage. Then they exchange a silver coin each so they won’t know poverty in the marriage and finally…2 shot glasses are placed on the table, one contains vodka, the other water. The couple don’t know which is which and chose their glass blindly. Whoever chooses the vodka, rules the roost. A bit of fun, especially when once drunk the shot glasses are thrown over the shoulder and disposed of (luckily we use plastic ones so no damage to the environment caused)

Pauline and Sarah had a cracking handfasting ceremony at White Dove Barn in Suffolk, a beautiful intimate venue where friends and family joined them from all over the world. Having reassured Granny that their hands being tied wasn’t some weird 50 Shades of Grey homage, we giggled our way through the rest of the ceremony and I had a photo with someone who was dressed in a ‘louder’ outfit than me…and that takes some doing I can tell you!

I had a very busy weekend next with a trip to Hertfordshire and London for 2 ceremonies. Firstly a windy ceremony under canvas at the Robin Hood and Little John just outside of Stevenage for Rebecca and Darren.

His gran presenting the groom with his granddads flat cap at the end of the ceremony was the sweetest of gestures and ensured that he was with us in spirit throughout the ceremony and indeed for the rest of the day.

A quick drive into London and to a rowing Club on the bank of the Thames for the most challenging of ceremonies!  Gareth and Wayne, 2 gorgeous human beings whose photographer very nearly got a mouthful from me! She got between us, was taking photos over my shoulder and then got tangled up in the balloons causing the ceremony to grind to a halt as we untangled her!!

I was given free reign like never before in the adlibbing department and I had people screaming with laughter as the boys tried to upstage one another and I had to call order. All in good taste and humour, but they certainly had me thinking on my feet!

Now… Gareth and Wayne, by their own admission … are somewhat prone to the odd argument or two…so I thought, to be on the safe side, we would include a truce bell ceremony AND a first argument box! 

The truce bell was rung during the ceremony by them both and then was to be used to, in the event of an argument, call time out so that they could go into

separate rooms and calm down a bit before CALMLY talking through any issues.

 If this wasn’t enough on its own they had a bottle of wine each too, and a love letter…to remind each other of who they were and why they had fallen in love and got married in the first place!  A great couple of fun elements to add to the ceremony indeed!

 It was a very interesting afternoon and evening as I stayed on to be Mistress of Ceremonies for the boys. The cake needs a mention on its own, an amazing creation, it looked just likes a piece of modern art and my photo doesn’t do it justice! Tasted fabulous too!!!

Carly and Ben had a wonderful chilled out handfasting at the Museum of East Anglian Life in Stowmarket. Carly was glowing and the love was palpable. Everyone crying and smiling in equal measure and I HAVE to say my all time favourite entrance and recessional music choices…Coldplay A Sky Full Of Stars and Paradise…I was in musical heaven!

The bride wanted to acknowledge how important her granddad was to her and worried the entrance might be a bit too long a walk for him we decided that she would enter with her nephews but pause at the top of the aisle next to her granddad and give him a big kiss. The whole family just melted at that point and I must admit I had a bit of a tear in my eye too. I just love the little twists that we can incorporate into a ceremony that makes it perfect for each couple.

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<p>Tell me your love story! Let’s create some magic! #useacelebrant #funkycelebrant #ladylove</p>

Tell me your love story! Let’s create some magic! #useacelebrant #funkycelebrant #ladylove

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2017~ A year in review pt.1


WOW! What a ride!

From a professional point of view 2017 has been the best year ever, the word of Celebrancy is spreading and we as a collective seem to be exploding onto the scene. Couples and families are realising like never before that they have choices, from how they welcome new members of the family to how. Where and when they say goodbye to loved ones…. and of course everything in between!

I don’t do Funeral Celebrancy, I feel like I missed the boat when it came to the timing of training for me and so I have decided to stick with my first and abiding love…Wedding and Family celebrations!

I can’t help it; a grin starts to form on my face sitting across the way from an excited couple as we take the first tentative steps into shaping the ceremonial part of their wedding day. I think, or rather, I know, excitement is infectious, because, by the time we part ways with a plan, they feel confident they know pretty much the format of the ceremony and what they can expect from me by way of delivery. I’ll know in my head a timescale for when I need to start writing and we can all relax a little bit, knowing that this part of their day is covered.

The odd phone call, text, email or Christmas card will be exchanged and life continues a pace for us all, until suddenly 3 months to go and my attention begins to focus in on their upcoming event. How are you getting on with the questionnaire? I need to start looking at it, if you haven’t and get it back to me at your earliest convenience. Did you fancy another get together? It’s been some months since we last saw each other, lets go through some stuff together.

What time and date suits you for your practice? Yes I could do with the key players there if possible, but don’t worry if they are at work, we can brief them later, oh and don’t panic when I blah, blah, blah through the practice…. we know what’s coming but no one else needs to know…. just yet!

And then that’s it… script written and printed…check…. vows and readings printed …check. Practice completed, everyone knows his or her role?  Great!

See you tomorrow… sleep well, hydrate, eat, look around and take everything in as you get ready…breathe…its going to be a spectacular day…. I can’t wait!

Hair done, dress chosen and grin in place I arrive at the venue to start my working day, and I know I say it so many times, but…. IT IS the best job in the world, all that planning and that excitement, anticipation and love wrapped up in one gloriously expressive day of joy and celebration!

The wedding day has arrived!!!!


My year started in February, with a beautiful intimate ceremony at Seckford Hall in Suffolk for the gorgeous Sam and Paul. My first time at this venue, but hopefully not my last. It is steeped in history and myth and allegedly mischievous ghosties…who it would appear came out to play just as the bride walked up the aisle to her waiting groom, her heel caught in a knot in one of the floorboards and her shoe remained where it was as she took her next step forward…cue lots of giggles as we wrestled the shoe back from the house and planted it firmly back on her foot where it belonged!

That set the tone for the rest of the ceremony, lots of giggles, and quite a few tears as promises were made to each other and the kids.  A very chilled and laid back affair was enjoyed by all.



March saw me paying a visit to the gorgeous Gaynes Park, down in Epping and the wedding ceremony of Georgina & Faizal ….WOW!!! The colour and the spectacle as two families came together and celebrated their children’s’ love so splendidly…. My absolute favourite part of their ceremony was the traditional

Saapatia ceremony

2 sets of clay plates, or Saapatia, placed at the feet of the bride and groom.

Each contains lentils, silver, sugar and turmeric. The contents signifying respectively the bounty of nature, prosperity, sweetness and good health.

They had to stamp on them to break them and release the bounty

and according to tradition the first to break the Saapatia will rule the household…As everyone crowded around and counted to 3 Georgina, intent on making her intentions absolutely and unequivocally clear…stamped on hers before we even got past counting to 2…. The room erupted and the look on Faizal’s face …well it just said it all!  



April saw Kev and I wending our way to Northampton to conduct and photograph my first vow renewal of the year for Sheron and Jeremy…. A huge honour as this was a ceremony for a celebrant colleague who had enjoyed watching a wedding I had performed in 2016 and had promptly booked me for their celebration.

‘Lace signifies refined beauty and elegance, so a marriage of thirteen years exemplifies polished and perfected love. The passage of time creates a delicate but strong object of beauty’.

Combined with a trip down memory lane, music by their talented children and some new and meaningful vows their ceremony was a family affair. I got to speak my native tongue amongst people who understood me (Brummie!) and found out that their eldest daughter and I shared a bond, both alumni of the same school in Birmingham (Queensbridge)…. albeit a ‘hundred’ or so years separated us. What a small world we really do inhabit!



Things started to get busy now…May, saw me running around between Suffolk and Essex as I performed 5 ceremonies

My first sweet 16 coming of age ceremony was a surprise for our eldest granddaughter Lois.

Yup, she wanted to kill me for embarrassing her in front of all of her friends and family, but, hey ho, I have broad shoulders and the promises that members of her family made to her were heartfelt and meaningful… and I think providing her with a ‘Fantastic Beasts’ birthday cake, more than made up for the embarrassment of making her stand up in front of everyone.

A sweet 16 ceremony is very much an American tradition and celebrates a girl as she transitions from childhood to adulthood. It acknowledges that she is growing into her own skin, whilst reassuring her that family will always be around to support her as she starts out on the somewhat confusing path to adulthood…And I got to mention Harry Potter, (we are both slightly ever so obsessed!)  So all was good!


A lovely renewal of vows for Becci & John in Beccles followed as they celebrated 14 years of marriage or their Ivory anniversary.

Ivory is a rare and beautiful commodity and its significance in a marriage was to represent the integrity and fidelity of the ‘marriage relationship’ as well as the extraordinary sense of commitment two people must have to make a marriage last fourteen years.  

Loyalty and devotion are qualities worthy of commemoration.

There were tears all round as the whole family took part in a sand ceremony and the girls were presented with a gift that they can wear on their own wedding day too.

Kev and I were treated like family and we enjoyed a fabulous day celebrating with them all, we may have been working but it was such a lovely treat for us both.


A poignant reminder of the fragility of life followed as we both gifted our services to a beautiful couple via the Gift of a Wedding charity…It was hard keeping emotions in check at times, but I know the memories that all the suppliers helped to create on this remarkable day will live with the family for a lifetime. It was a pleasure and an honour to play just a small part in a wonderful day.

If you want to know more about this amazing charity feel free to check them out via the link below


I finished the month with 2 ceremonies on the same day, not something I do often, but when circumstances arise (close in distance but far apart in time) I will consider doing more than one in a day.

Beth & Eddie tied the knot in a beautiful garden setting, the sun shone and Spring was well and truly showing her blustery colours as we enjoyed a poetry filled extravaganza of a ceremony under a beautiful gazebo overlooking a little brook…Just remembering it now, brings such a smile to my face.

A simple rose exchange between them after their rings and vow exchange was all that was needed to wrap up a beautiful elegant and poignant ceremony before everyone retreated to the courtyard for drinks and canapés.


I mingled for a while, chatting to some fabulous people before making a quick dash over to Colchester where I had plenty of time to prepare myself for a beautiful handfasting commitment ceremony for the wonderful Frankie and Kris…Rook the dog was best dog and behaved beautifully, he only had eyes for his mammy, just as Kris did as the love of his life walked the aisle towards him (in the most fabulous of bridal boots I have to add!!!!!!)

Promises to love and cherish were made as the cords were wrapped around their hands and we topped the ceremony off with all the guests blowing the happy couple a kiss. Again I was invited to stay for something to eat and had a wonderful time chatting away to their families as Rook patrolled the tables in to hope of finding some tasty titbits.

I made my way home, tired but so, so happy with the biggest of grins plastered on my face.

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Yuletide blessings to one and all. The longest night of the year is upon us tonight. The deep midwinter has hit! Luckily far milder than in days of yore!

Eat drink and make merry with those you love, tomorrow we look towards the New Year and Spring in all of her magikal glory.

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The cakes of 2017!

Just a few of some of the amazing cakes from the awesome weddings this year #celebrantsrock #funkycelebrant #ladylove #essexcelebrant #suffolkcelebrant

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<p>Rebranding in progress… Same awesome me, just in funkier packaging #ladylove #funkycelebrant</p>

Rebranding in progress… Same awesome me, just in funkier packaging #ladylove #funkycelebrant

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A little bit of magic

So… I THINK I’m nearly done for this years HP tree.. need a couple of blue baubles but other than that I’m quite chuffed with how it’s turned out ⚡️🦄🧜🏻‍♀️🧙🏽‍♀️🧚🏽‍♂️

A little bit of magic in my lounge. Same as my Christmas Tree, your ceremony should reflect just who you are! Go for it and don’t forget to contact me to see how I can help personalise the ceremony for you

#ladylove #funkycelebrant

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#TWIA2018  It’s official....I am slightly bonkers!!


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