We've looked at some ceremonies that can be included into your wedding day, commitment ceremony or vow renewal, but what about the other milestone ceremonies in your lives? 

Here are a few more ideas for you to consider:

Naming Ceremony:- A wonderful way to welcome a newborn, adopted or step child into your family.

"A child's name once given will be spoken thousands of times through a lifetime." 

For parents wishing to celebrate a child's arrival in a non secular ceremony  this is the perfect way for us to express our hopes and wishes as we look to a future and all the possibilities that will unfold in that child's lifetime. 

Instead of Godparents; Guide parents or Guardians will take the time honoured position of promising to support and guide your child through to adulthood. Poems, readings and symbolic elements involving water, can all form part of this wonderful welcoming ceremony.


Sweet Sixteen Candle Ceremony:- During a Sweet 16 candle ceremony, the person whose birthday is being celebrated lights each candle on the cake individually, to represent certain important people in her life. Generally, only girls have Sweet 16 birthday parties.

Each person or people assigned to a candle in a Sweet 16 candle lighting ceremony joins the birthday girl and helps her light the candle. The birthday girl usually makes a speech or shows her appreciation of the most important and influential people in her life, telling stories or specifically thanking the honorees for being especially kind or thoughtful on particular occasions. Guests often take photos at this time. Although the people honored and the order in which they are recognized can be customized for each party, there is a general process to follow.

  • The first candle is for her parents
  • The second candle may be for the next-closest family, such as siblings and grandparents.
  • The third to sixth candles are generally reserved for aunts, uncles, cousins or other family members.
  • The seventh to 14th candles are dedicated to the birthday girl's closest friends outside of family.
  • The 15th candle is usually assigned to the birthday girl's best friend.
  • The 16th candle is reserved for the birthday girl as she makes a wish to herself for her own future.