There are rules and regulations that govern how companies use and retain your information, as a sole trader I am not exempt from those rules and have to have something written on my website telling you all about them....

If you are interested in knowing everything about everything feel free to visit the Information Commissioner's Office via the link where you will find an explanation far better than any I can offer about this whole GDPR thing. ICO.

I can tell you this though with some clarity and understanding! 

What information is being collected? 

If you are just passing through and comparing my site and prices to others, not a lot (see How do  I use your data?

If, as I hope you will, you have sent me a webform submission asking for my availability and asking me about my services, I will be collating your name/email/telephone number and the relevant information about your big day.

How do I use your data? 

When someone visits my website I use a third party service, Google Analytics, to collect standard internet log information and details of visitor behaviour patterns. This gives me information about the number of visitors to the various parts of my site site and allows me to work out where I need to make improvements.  I do not have the means (or the time) to identify or make any attempt to find out the identities of those visiting my website. Google process the information in a way that does not identify anyone and let me know where I am going right or wrong with the layout of this site.

Once I have received your initial enquiry I will contact you back via phone or email as requested. Should you decide to use my services...yay! I have outlined how I store your data below. (See How is it collected?

If for any reason you decide not to use my services I will delete your details (email/ or webform submission) from my inbox within 3 months of your enquiry; so please DO let me know if you have found a Celebrant that meets your requirements elsewhere and I will delete your enquiry asap... (I will keep it for 3 months purely because from experience I know finding the right fit can take time and I do often have people contact me again after a month or two in order to book me).

Who is collecting your data?

Just me, via my webform submission, phone call, or email. 

How is it collected? 

Via my website webform submission, phone or email.

If you book me for your ceremony  I will retain your information on spreadsheets on my computer. (Devised and maintained by yours truly, no outside companies are involved) This information is also stored in the cloud, just in case everything crashes or the house burns down! And finally I create a folder in my email account for ease of communication. I will also ask you to sign a GDPR information retention document along with your contract and booking form.

Why is it being collected?

I need to retain some of your data to enable me to do my job! I need to be able to contact you in the lead up to your big day as we work together to create your ceremony and more.

How will it be used?

See above.

Who will it be shared with?

Without your express permission? No one! 

What will be the effect of this on the individual concerned? 

Hopefully only a positive one as it allows us to keep in regular contact during our working relationship.

Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?

I cant think of a reason for objection or complaint if we are working together, it is best practice to maintain some form of system to record details for the duration of our working relationship.

Use of Cookies

Find out more from the experts about the use of cookies here.  Cookies 

I think everything uses cookies in one form or another these days, the ones that spring to mind immediately are Google and Facebook analytics. These seem to be the standard “cookies” feature of all major web browsers.  You may choose to disable cookies through your own web browser’s settings however, disabling this function may diminish your experience on my website and some features may not work as intended.

Social Media 

If you send me a private or direct message via any of the social media platforms, I will store the message for three months. (See the 3- month thing above) It will not be shared with any other organisations.

They all seem to know when you have looked at websites and pages, don't ask me how, but trust me they are not passing your data on to me. 

You'll find links on my website to other Funky Suppliers. Their sites are not within my control and this privacy policy does not cover those links or their pages. I have only added them because I thought their services complimented mine and I have been lucky enough to work with a large number of awesomely funky suppliers!  



You'll see affirmations doted throughout my website, these are kind words from couples and families who have used my services. If you too are kind enough to write to me or fill in my feedback sheet I will be seeking YOUR permission to plaster your comments all over my social media and website too, because it's nice to be liked and I like to spread the love!


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