Human beings have held ceremonies and rituals just about as far back in history as we can go, and today every culture and religion in the world has its own individual ritual or ceremony for the significant moments in their lives.

Why choose a Celebrant?..

Because we offer a real alternative to the ‘everyday’. You are no longer restricted to just a religious celebration, or indeed just a non-religious celebration.

With an independent celebrant anything and anybody can be incorporated.

Have you ever dreamed of holding your ceremony in a bluebell wood, on the beach, during a solstice or as a character from your favourite book, TV show or film? I can help you realize your dreams for your special day.


For a marriage to be recognised in law in England & Wales, a legally-binding service, commonly known as a 'registration of a marriage', must take place at an approved premises.

The service can be very short and basic, and does not have to involve the exchange of rings or vows if you don't want it to.

Once completed, you then have the choice of where, how and when you want to exchange your wedding vows and rings, and enjoy your celebrations.

About me...

I am a certified Independent Wedding and Family Celebrant registered with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants (U.K.).

I live in beautiful Constable Country on the Essex / Suffolk border with my husband, and our menagerie of pets!

We have celebrated all rites of passage within our own family, from births to marriages, both religious and non-religious, and are excited as we watch our own grandchildren growing up.

I chose to become a Family Celebrant as I believe that we should all be given the choice to incorporate the elements, ceremonies, traditions, beliefs and rituals that make us unique.

The world has shrunk, cultures and traditions are blending, but we are not always aware we can bring these into all of our family celebrations.

I love celebrating love, injecting my personality into your script, and ultimately the delivery of the ceremony on the day.  I think your ceremony should be fun and relaxed, allowing us all to celebrate love and life with our family and friends.

I'm offering you those choices, and the freedom to express your beliefs and embrace other cultures.

What I can offer you...

As a Celebrant I provide bespoke ceremonies to mark every Rite of Passage.

From pregnancy, birth and child naming/adoption and step-family celebrations, to engagements & wedding or civil partnership celebrations.

By choosing me to conduct your special service you will receive face-to-face consultations, and together we'll design a unique ceremony just for you.

You won't be restricted to something from a pattern book or a ceremony that is 'run of the mill'.

You can incorporate any type of spiritual or faith-based belief into the service, from vows to readings, to symbolic and traditional rituals. You can even involve your family pets.

You now have choices like never before, to make your special day truly unique to you as an individual, a couple, or as a family.

I work extensively around the East Anglian region and am honoured to say that I am also resident Celebrant at Jimmy's Farm in Suffolk, where we offer ceremonies in stunning locations inside, outside and around the farm.

I work closely with my husband Kevin, who is wedding photographer, at HeadOverHeelsPhotography. He knows just how to capture the special moments during a celebrant led wedding.

You can view some of his beautiful photographs here.

I have just been announced as the Eastern Region TWIA2018 Celebrant of the year.

It is the first time that the awards have been open to celebrants and I am so proud the be flying the flag for all celebrants in our region as I go forward to the National finals in January 2018...

As you can see, I am passionate and excitable about the industry in which I work, and I believe we should be having fun as we celebrate, life and love in all of its multifaceted and multicoloured glory!

Come on that journey with me as we create the ceremony that reflects you perfectly!