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Your Celebrant in the East

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I am Michelle, aka Flo, aka the Funky Celebrant. I use the pronouns she/her and I’m so excited to be welcoming you to my website…come on in and have a good mooch around.

If you are looking for a fun, diverse and inclusive ceremonialist, you are in the right place! My aim is to become your go-to Celebrant in the East as I cover Essex, Suffolk, Cambridge, Kent and beyond. Always putting the fun and the ‘Funk’ into every ceremony I deliver, I’m hoping that I am the perfect celebrant for you.

No matter what you are celebrating, or for that matter where in the world you are celebrating it, we will work together and tailor-make the ultimate package that will WOW your guests and keep that smile on all your faces for the longest time.

So, get in contact and let’s have a natter about your vision for your perfect day, I can’t wait to speak with you and start to create some magic.

A takeaway on Saturday Night Takeaway? A surprise wedding

When you receive an email out of the blue on a bleak Wednesday morning at the start of a new year…

“Hello Michelle,

I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch. I am a producer at ITV…We are planning a live wedding for Feb 19th in London which will be broadcast on ITV. We are looking for a celebrant to lead the wedding and I wanted to drop you a quick message to see if you would firstly, be interested in being involved and secondly, if you would be free on this date.”

What do you do?

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