Holly & Keir 14th May 2022

Jimmy’s Farm, Wherstead, Suffolk

Rinn mi luaidh air àilleachd t’ aodainn an-dè ’s an-diugh, cha thric ach daonnan; ’s nì mi luaidh air àilleachd t’ anama ‘s cha chan am bàs gur h-e an arraghloir.

I spoke of the beauty of your face yesterday and today, not often but always; and I will speak of the beauty of your spirit and death will not say it is idle talk.

Room divider made up as a seating plan
Flower decked seating plan

This wedding was a long time in the making!

Holly and Keir booked me for their 2020 ceremony back in 2019 but then the C word hit and turned everything upside down…We tentatively rescheduled for that September and then May 2021 …and then…September 2021…Before the final reschedule to 2022…and before we knew it, the 14th of May 2022 was finally upon us.

It was the most perfect late spring day, blue skies, a light breeze, and the new marquee at Jimmy’s Farm was looking spectacular, bedecked in some gorgeous spring blooms.

Lavender and ferns in a clay pot
Spring flowers

The emotive sounds of the lone piper drifted over the herb garden to greet the guests as they gathered near the restaurant before making their way down to the marquee.

All of a sudden the anticipation became palpable…the bride was ready, the photographer was in place, and the groom nervously waited at the top of the aisle with his crew.

To the beautifully melodic Northern Sky by Nick Drake, the bridal party made their entrance and we were off.

Comparing their lives to a comfy pair of old socks might seem like a bit of an odd analogy to open a ceremony with, but it just fitted… because let’s face it, when you feel that “Life is just so comfortable, you cannot imagine that life without your other sock…” you are a pair made in sock heaven.

A surprise from their young boys who read out Marriage (anon) instead of the bride’s mother as rehearsed, brought the tent down! There were tears and cheers aplenty…and that was just your celebrant!

A proper Scottish handfasting was combined with an exchange of vows.

The red, blue, and green tartan was chosen to honour Keir’s grandmother whose family were a sept of the MacIntosh clan.

With a history lesson from dad, we all learnt about the family motto and its crest

“Don’t touch the cat without a glove.”

Once our happy couple had literally tied their knot, they were presented with their wedding rings on a sprig of lavender…not only does lavender bring good luck, but it is also a symbol of love and devotion, perfect for a wedding celebration.

A spring of lavender with wedding rings attached with purple ribbon and a wooden engraved ring box
Lavender and rings

And, as we all know, no Scottish ceremony is complete without a wee dram from the Quaich or two handled loving cup. An ancient Scottish tradition that seals the bond of two people and in turn marks the blending of two families. It symbolises the love, trust and peace implied as the new couple shares the first drink of their marriage together.

All the sweetness life’s cup may hold for you should only be sweeter because you drink it together.  And whatever bitterness it may contain should be less bitter because you share it together”. 

Siver quaich and a bottle of whisky
A quaich and whiskey

With that…

and another sock analogy the ceremony ended as Holly and Keir made their way out of the marquee and into the sunshine ready to celebrate their long-awaited union with all of the guests.

“Be each other’s sock. Always be a pair. Always be reliable and comfortable, and when that inevitable hole develops, darn it, there is life in that old sock yet” 

A bride in an ankle length white dress talking to am an in a blue suit outside a marquee
Enjoying the sun and chatting
A lady in pink dress and white stole and pink fascinator drinking out of the quaich
Enjoying a wee dram

Credits: Find us all on Instagram

Celebrant: @michelle_funkycelebrant

Venue: @jimmys_ farm_weddings

Wedding Planner: @nataliesolankeweddings

Photographer: @debburrowsphotographer

Hair & make up: @backcombandblushbycecily

groom in blue suit, celebrant in the middle in a multicoloured dress and bride in white on the right
The obligatory photo with the happy couple

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