An open letter to my colleagues and anyone thinking about a celebrant led ceremony.

Dear fellow celebrant,
We’ve (nearly) all been there, that sharp intake of breath when we’ve quoted a price during our zoom conversation with a potential new clients.
Or we get the couple that ghost us and every other celebrant as they contact everyone in the vicinity looking for what is perceived as the cheapest or (best) quote
But do we/ you know our own value?
How do we/ you tell the ‘ghosters’ just why we charge what we do and why there is no room for negotiation?


I have been told I am too expensive, on occasion…so, obviously those couples and families are not the right clients for me,

I’ve had couples ask me how much it would cost to do conduct their wedding ceremony.
I’ve gladly told them my price and everything that my services involve.
Some couples ignore my response totally, whilst others respond with a
‘That’s more than we’ve been quoted by another celebrant’.


Do I ask what the other quote was, what was included for the money and try to match it?
Do I shrug my shoulders and think ‘Meh…not my tribe…’ and move on?
Or maybe this is the way I should have responded, with a question back to them.
‘What do YOU think is a reasonable price for my services ?’
Then sit back and see what they expect for their money!

I can direct them to Google (or another search engine)
It will cost them nothing to do that research, except a bit of their time and they can pick up a very bog standard ‘insert names’ here script from some bog -standard celebrants…and there are some of those in existence
There will be zero personality or personalisation involved, but it will have the, ‘Do you take’s’ and the, ‘I do’s’ and to be fair to the celebrant who produces that type of script and the couples that want it, there is a market for them because that is all some couples actually do want.


Alternatively, a cheaper but still very much a personalised option … I offer a script only service, further reduces costs, but it will also serve as a halfway house between a totally tailored service from me and something personally delivered by a trusted friend or family member, but written by an experienced creative writer…moi…

The chosen reader will learn some new skills and may even develop a new passion that could even turn into a career for them AND I will be giving them some chorographical direction if they want it too.

Remember though… to those who are seriously thinking of this as an option I say this!


But be warned…
Don’t make this an afterthought after the table plan and chair covers!

Set yourselves a timetable, if you are going to design your own ceremony or get a friend or family member to write it for you.
Make time to think about the content of the ceremony. Do you want more than just an exchange of rings ?
Do you want your story telling?
Can you or your writer be objective about the content of the script and not put something in that will embarrass either of you?


Have you given sufficient thought about all the little things?
Like, who is sitting or standing where, who is reading what ?
These minute details are important too and will make or break a ceremony!


When you pay for a celebrant especially an experienced ceremonialist, you pay not only for their time and intellectual property, their creativity and ability to work a crowd….i.e., your guests .

You also pay for:

👍🏽Custom Skills
👍🏽Time to plan
👍🏽Time to prepare
👍🏽Work Ethic

If you request a quote from a celebrant or other wedding service provider , please don’t disrespect them by trying to get them to lower their prices.

If their quote exceeds your budget, there’s nothing wrong with getting other proposals.
Just remember… you’ll often get what you pay for.

To my Celebrant colleagues out there
Know your worth and be confident in it.

To all the couples and families seeking a celebrant led ceremony
Please recognise our worth and be respectful of it.

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