And the Canadians brought it…

If you want to have an epic wedding day, ensure you invite a load of your besties from Canada…

to make sure it goes with a bang! This is exactly what Riza and Jonathan did! In fact, their guest list pretty much spanned all continents except Australasia, as guest flew in from around the globe to finally celebrate their big day in the garden county of Kent.

A stylish group of filipino Canadians posing with style at a wedding
Zoom in on the gold shoes!

And the fact that practically all of their guests had travelled to the UK, many for the first time, it was quite fitting that to open their ceremony I told the story of how our lovely couple actually met…at an airport!

Probably the most epic origin story of any couple, it was totally serendipitous how after the briefest of brief hello’s via a swipe right on a well-known dating app…they met up by chance   at an airport in the early hours of a Saturday morning whilst both waiting for respective flights out of Bangkok…

‘A quick check and they realised not only were they in the same terminal, but they were literally only about 5 minutes apart from each other! With only an hour to go before their flights were called, hers to Canada, his to the USA, they decided they had to meet, if only briefly for a quick ‘Hello, isn’t this mad…I can’t believe we’re in the same place’ kind of chat’.

You honestly couldn’t make it up!

Jonathan a self -confessed Nomad had finally met someone who caused him to pause, and think…and clear out his spare closet in his tiny Bangkok apartment for…

And Riza had met someone she was willing to travel halfway across the world for…From Winnipeg to Bangkok and finally to London where they have settled down to a domesticated bliss with Mooncake their beloved Frenchie …for now at least…neither has ruled out upping sticks and relocating anywhere in the world if it takes their fancy. The world really is their Oyster.

Old Kent Barn in Swingfield Kent was the setting for their fabulous outdoor nuptials, and the weather got the memo, it was a glorious day!

The wedding gazebo -old kent barn
The Wedding Gazebo at Old Kent Barn

Randy was an epic beer boy…

delivering Peroni’s and petals with a plomb, I can’t wait to see the official photos from @whitestagweddings because Randy really did pull out all the stops.

Jonathan had the script translated into French so that his French family and friends speakers could follow it easily.  I blagged my way through the welcome in my best Franglais, and for those who couldn’t travel, we managed to link up a camera on zoom so that everyone could enjoy the festivities.

“The only thing that could make this day better is ice cream”. 

The best quote ever from their favourite tv show (The Office U.S.) AND Jonathan’s favourite late night snack brought our ceremony to an end.

When so many people come together, you think language could be a barrier, but it was evident, and not in the least bit cheesy that the language of LOVE was all we needed as the sun shone down on us and everyone just had so much fun. Some people met other people for the first time and hugs and kisses abounded.

Jonathan and Riza’s wedding day was quite classical with traditions that are universal, a memorial candle followed by the symbolic lighting of the 3 unity candles…yeah it was a tad windy, but we managed to keep them alight for long enough.

I discovered a very Filipino tradition during the wedding breakfast, I think it warrants ‘stealing’ and using at other weddings! (Ask me and I MIGHT tell you what it is…but it is firmly stored away in the Funky memory banks for now)

Stories were swapped, the English language dissected…

and giggles a plenty on the Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaids (and celebrant) table as we enjoyed a sumptuous feast. We all learnt so much about food, recipes and they enjoyed proper  parsnips for the very first time!  Then Ramil, the father of the bride nearly had us in tears with his heart felt speech. And then Sam the Best Man showed his love for one of his best mates

The Wedding Breakfast
The Wedding Breakfast Feast

After dinner the Bridesmaids some of their friends and her mum made my day with a little Funky Rap outside in the garden, those Canadians sure know how to party…and apparently as long as they’re out of Winnipeg they’re very happy! ( Check them out on Insta

After the cake cutting, Happy Hour the band struck with some epic floor fillers. I made my excuses and left them partying hard on the dance floor!

It was a wonderful day. I was amongst friends, and I think some pretty wonderful memories and new friendships were made by all…

Jonathan et Riza, je vous souhaite un très mariage longue et heureuse


Celebrant – Michelle #FunkyCelebrant®    

With thanks to all the staff at Old Kent Barn who looked after us so well. I hope to pay you another visit one day

To the wonderful Andy and Catherine from White Stag Weddings, who captured the fun ….and there was a lot, this lot really enjoyed posing for photos!

And Happy Hour band who had everyone up and dancing from their very first note

Happy Hour

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