We ‘Wanna’ Be Together

A Commitment Ceremony…

From December 2019 the law allows ALL couples to register for a Civil Partnership if they want instead of formalising their relationship through marriage.

A Commitment Ceremony may be the  ideal celebration for those couples who don’t want the convention of being labelled ‘a husband’ or ‘a wife’, but who want to celebrate their togetherness (with or without the Civil Partnership registration).

If you are one of those couples who don’t want  the legal baggage  or formality of marriage…  or maybe you are not in a position to make ‘that’ formal commitment…just yet…

commitment ceremony

well…this could well be the perfect ceremony for you!

Commit yourselves to one another in a meaningful ceremony that has every bit of the gravitas of the formal commitment of a wedding ceremony. Sign a certificate and maybe your deed poll name change as a part of the ceremony. You will then be introduced to the world using the name(s) of your choice. It’s all about celebrating your love in a style that is unique to you as a couple.

Love has no restraints, why should your commitment to each other?

outside commitment ceremony

Rings or tokens  and vows can still be exchanged as you pledge yourself to your partner in a way that honours your beliefs.

exchange vows rings tokens


So what can we expect if we choose you?

As many meetings as you require whilst we discuss your initial requirements and start to build your ceremony.

I provide you with a questionnaire and will design your ceremony using the answers you have provided, before you get to add all of your edits.

On the big day I will always try to be at your venue at least an hour before the ceremony so that I can sort out any last minute issues and calm nerves.

I deliver a fun filled ceremony and leave you with a keepsake copy of your script in a presentation box.

I have a portable amp (mics if needed) and can play music for your ceremony via my MP3 player. I’ve got all the bases covered for you…

Let’s talk! I can’t wait to create the perfect ceremony with and for you…

Prices ~ start  from £675  *T’s & C’s apply*

Save £25 if you book the Vow Writing Workshop, (normally £150) at the same time as booking me for your ceremony !!


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