Couple’s Vow Writing Workshops

Couple’s Vow Writing Workshops

Don’t know how to express what you’re feeling in your heart?

Worry no more, with my couple’s vow writing workshop, well work on those perfect vows together!!

We’ll sit down with a cuppa and some biscuits or a slice cake ( to start with!) and get our thinking hats on!

When it comes to writing your vows there are some simple rules to follow. There has to be a structure, a beginning, middle and end!


“ I ……take you ……to be my wife/husband/best friend/comforter and soulmate”

“ I …….choose you…… to be my partner for life”

” I……promise you ……..”


Follow with the main body of your vows.

Let’s get thinking here about what the person you are about to commit yourself to REALLY means to you… No two relationships are the same, so no two sets of vows should be the same….They should reflect you, your personalities, loves and passions, as well as maybe the ‘I will try to understand your……’ too!!


“This is my solemn promise to you”

“I promise this to you today, tomorrow and for ever”

“From this moment on, this is my true promise to you”


At the heart of your vows is the fact that this is a public declaration of your commitment to each other. The words should be created for others to witness and not simply as a private conversation between you and your partner.

The art is to express much on a few short well-chosen statements.

I will be making you think about what you mean to each other, when you fill in your questionnaire for me. So using the ideas and the sentiments that come from that we’ll follow these guidelines as we sit down to start on your vows.

We’ll be looking at ….

Whether you want use your own words or adapt existing ones.

What promises you want to make to each other ( and may some other significant people in your lives as you pledge to accept each other and grow together.

Whether you each wish to write your own vows separately or if you both wish to repeat the same vows.

Whether you want to include responses from your guests after your vows, asking them to give their blessing to your ceremony and to support your relationship in the future.

Do a little bit of homework before we start and look for inspiration in books, songs, poetry, films. Discuss the special moments in your relationship, happy sad and humorous. Search for some words and phrases to match the depths of your emotions.

We’ll probably be having a practice before the ceremony anyway ,but if not we’ll discuss how you can best practice saying your vows… ‘Hello mirror my old friend!’

After the workshop when you have written your vows, let me have a copy because they’ll go in your keepsake script as well as being printed off ready for you to read. We can talk through how the vows are to be delivered and if there is anything else you want to include in that part of the ceremony.


Sincerity IS the key to meaningful vows.

Your words will have a profound effect on your guests, even those guests unsure of the wisdom of an alternative ceremony will not be able to find fault with vows that so obviously come form the heart.

Up to to 3 hours of my undivided attention with unlimited tea, coffee and cake

When you book me for your Wedding or Commitment Ceremony the couple’s vow writing workshop is automatically included in the price of your ceremony

For all other ceremonies price on application

* T’s & C’s apply*