In Memoriam

If you know someone who has lived outside of the proverbial box during their life, you may wish to honour them in death with  a memorial ceremony.  

An unconventional send off for an unconventional soul starts with a direct cremation.

**A direct cremation is a modern alternative to a traditional cremation funeral. The cremation takes place completely separately to  the personal farewell. Perfect for people who don’t like funerals.**

This leaves you free to organise a memorial ceremony, with or without a scattering of ashes. There are no restrictions on time or location.  You can hold a ceremony anywhere you (or your loved one) wishes; from a back garden to a favourite holiday destination. It is your opportunity to really celebrate a life lived at your own pace.

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My great uncle was a very simplistic man.  

He wanted a direct cremation when he died and for his ashes to then be sprinkled underneath the oak trees he loved so much in his garden.

For those reading this, a direct cremation involves being taken from the place of rest directly to the crematorium by the funeral director who then returns the ashes to you a few days later. No service is held at the time.

This was the difficult part because I wanted to provide a service of some type for my family whilst respecting the wishes of my late great uncle.

After seeing that you had won the regional celebrant award, I contacted you not knowing where to start. I cannot thank you enough for the time and advice you gave to me and am so pleased that you said yes to doing the reading despite only ever having done weddings! I wanted to celebrate the life of my late great uncle, and you managed to do this perfectly!!

Being the difficult person that he was and with the very limited information I was able to provide, this was not an easy task for you, but somehow you were able to bring his true character to life and convey this in such a way that it brought levity and comfort to family and friends on what was an emotional day for all.

You have a special gift Michelle and your intuitive nature enabled you to create and deliver a reading that captured my late great uncles personality to a tee.

I would highly recommend you to anyone not wanting a funeral in the traditional sense. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Hi Michelle,

Thank you once again for the fantastic memorial ceremony and the scattering of Jim’s ashes that you performed yesterday. With very little material, for a man who had led a very insular life, you managed to build an amazing eulogy. It was funny, light hearted and sincere all in one.

You are a truly gifted lady and your name and unique skill will be the topic of conversations with our friends and associates in many days to come.

Yesterday followed the direct cremation of Jim and the two events provided the ideal final chapter to our friend’s life and one which would have met with his approval.


So what can we expect if we choose you? 

As many meetings as you require whilst we discuss your initial requirements and start to build your ceremony.

From all the answers you provide, I build your ceremony before you get to add your edits.

On the day I will always try to be at your venue at least an hour before the ceremony, to sort out any last minute issues before

I deliver a ceremony that is respectful, full of love, with plenty of opportunities for anyone and everyone to speak and reflect on what your loved one meant to you.

I leave you with a keepsake copy of your script in a presentation box.

If required I  have a portable amp and mics so can play music for your ceremony via my MP3 player.

I’ve got all the bases covered for you…

Prices ~ between £100 ~ £150


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