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#Wedin2019 ~ June

How is it June already??? 

Not quite flaming June 2019, more like freezing June, but hey…let’s make the most of it. 

My… [more]

Oh My Days What A Giggle Weve Had Today At


OH MY DAYS!!!!! 

What a giggle we’ve had today at the most excellent of ‘Wedfests’ as Julie and Tracy tied their… [more]

The First Wedding Of This 2019 Spring Bank Holiday

The Ancient But New Tradition Of Wedding ‘First Footing’!

The first wedding of this 2019 Spring Bank Holiday weekend took place… [more]


I’ve just  had a fabulous and busy weekend! 

Conducting 2 very different ceremonies….

Let’s start with Dani & Georgia, my two stunning… [more]

Why is a kitchen refit like writing and delivering a  wedding ceremony?

What a bizarre analogy, right ? 

Well maybe not quite so bizarre…as I sit in my office, with the door closed… [more]