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In it to win it!!! (aka entering for an award)


So it’s no secret that I went out to a bit of a ‘Do’ last night and came home with… [more]

In no particular order...

Some of the flowers and cakes of 2018! 

And so to the end of another FABULOUS year ...Part 2.


July came in pretty much the same way as June had ended… hot and sticky!


with a trip back to Jimmy’s… [more]

And so to the end of another FABULOUS  year....Part 1

Okay, so who hit the fast forward button??? 

Where has 2018 disappeared to, its a bit bonkers, just how quickly this… [more]


Funky & The Grumps - HD 1080p from Michelle Taylor on Vimeo.

Ultimate Wedding Guide- Day 25 - IT’S CHRISTMAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!… [more]