‘Small Yet Mighty’ Micro Weddings And Other Celebrations

Funky Micro Weddings & Other Celebrations

Would I be right in saying that Covid has scuppered ALL of our plans over the past couple of years?

I have put my thinking hat on and you know what?

Yeah the big shebang is wonderful and it is so great to be able to celebrate with all our family and friends present, but have you thought about really scaling the celebrations down?

For a million and one reasons, you might want to consider a micro celebration. It is still your day, your way, but totally scaled back and intimate, small, short and sweet…

How’s it all going to work?

You two, me and a select few others! They can be family, friends or maybe your ‘tog’ so someone can capture the magic as it unfolds. Keeping your numbers down can actually really be fun, and will certainly be funky and different…

For any marriage to be recognised in law in England & Wales, a legally-binding ceremony, commonly known as a ‘registration of a marriage’, must take place, normally at a Register Office. The service can be very short and basic, and does not have to involve the exchange of rings or vows if you don’t want it to. Once completed, you then have the choice of where, how and when you want to exchange your vows and rings, and enjoy your celebrations. (Check your local registration district for up to date information on ceremony availability- they are very restricted at this time)

Your celebrant led ceremony will be small, intimate and just as personal as any of the other ceremonies I perform. If we are at a venue with an internet connection we can try to Zoom the ceremony too. Your absent family and friends will be able to tune in. I will even press record when we get started so, you’ll have a keepsake video.

Funky Micro Ceremonies

Weddings are not the only ceremonies to benefit from the small yet mighty micro touch, if you have a milestone you want to celebrate, from a naming to a vow renewal we can do these too!

So what can we expect if we choose you?

ALL ceremonies will be restricted to a MAXIMUM of 20 minutes…


a MAXIMUM of 6 guests…but you so know we will still have an awesome time.

No music or readings allows for more ‘you‘ time…And we will pack your ceremony full of all the goodies you would expect from a ceremony with me!

You’ll still have as many meetings as you require whilst we discuss your initial requirements and start to build your ceremony.

I will provide you with a questionnaire and then I’ll design your ceremony using the answers you have provided, before you get to add all of your edits.

On the big day I will always endeavour to be at your venue at least an hour before the ceremony. This is so I can sort out any last minute issues and calm nerves.

I deliver a fun filled ceremony and leave you with a keepsake copy of your script in a presentation box.

I have a portable amp, an MP3 player (mics if needed), and can play music for your ceremony. I’ve got all the bases covered for you…

Let’s talk! I can’t wait to create the perfect ceremony with and for you…

Price ~ £400  *T’s & C’s apply

naming ceremony