Space, Reality, Power, Soul, Mind & Time.

commemorative certificate and candles
Mischief managed

Marvellous Magic

Now, if you know your Marvel Infinity Wars/ End Game, you’ll know exactly what I am going on about with those 6 words.

And then don’t forget you also have to include your passion for all things Wizarding World AND Lego…How about throwing in a little game of Top Trumps in as well?

How on Planet Earth do you weave all of these elements into a meaningful wedding ceremony?

This was the challenge set by Matt and Hannah, who bonded over their other love…Escape Rooms… and really wanted to bring the fun and joy into their special post lockdown day.

Easy when you know how!  A little bit of magic, imagination and a celebrant who is rather a big self -confessed nerd (with their own set of robes!)

Matt and Hannah couldn’t be sent running around the venue, albeit it, it IS a stunning venue…(Easton Grange, Suffolk) trying to solve puzzles and trying to escape from rooms, so we brought the puzzle elements into the ceremony in a very visual way.

Props galore were employed from start to finish as Matt & Hannah had to dig deep into a sorting hat to tell each other their loves and pet niggles.

But we started with the first of 6 Infinity Stones and their meanings re imagined for this very special couple. The gifting of their stones was spread throughout the ceremony

At the Dawn of the Universe

“At the dawn of the universe, there was nothing. Then… BOOM. ‘The Big Bang’ sent six elemental crystals hurtling across the virgin universe. These Infinity Stones each control an essential aspect of existence… Space, Reality, Power, Soul, Mind and Time.

What has this to do with a wedding ceremony you may well ask yourselves. Well the answer is simple, because each of these elements is required in its own right to create a successful marriage”.

The Space Stone allows us to hold the power over space.

The Reality Stone… accepting the reality of married life and relationships in general

As a reminder to always live mindfully, to recognise and respect each other’s beliefs, Matt and Hannah were gifted the Soul Stone by Nana as she came up to recite a very special reading for the couple

The Mind Stone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe allowed the user to control the minds of others, we re-imagined it as a way for them to acknowledge that they will remain individuals who will always respect each other and will not try to control what the other thinks or says.

 The Time Stone according to the MCU grants its owner the power to re-wind or fast-forward time…for us, it serves as a reminder to take time for each other and all the things that you love.

 The Power Stone bestows a lot of energy upon its holder. With the gifting of this stone our happy couple were declared bonded for life after they had taken part in a hand tying conducted by their parents

 Sorting Hat

The sorting hat

The sorting hat, took pride of place on a stool, whilst it wasn’t a talking sorting hat, it certainly did hold some cheeky delights and they both read out some fun facts about the other

One of them had to decide between Marvel and Harry Potter Top Trumps cards and Matt was in like Quicksilver has he shouted out Marvel…Hannah shuffled the cards and they drew one each. I could see over Matt’s shoulder that he had Captain America, so I knew Hannah had all the luck of Mantis aka zero chance of winning, and sure enough, Matt won the right to speak his vows first.

Marvel Top Trumps

All this before committing body and soul with their very own binding and magical contract in the form of the unbreakable vow. AKA a hand-tying supported by both sets of parents…

A quick radio message to ring security and their wedding bands replaced cords. A kiss swiftly followed and the magic concluded with a race off…

Everything is Awesome

captain america and hydra agent lego figures
Captain America &  Hydra Agent

When a couple build (Lego) together, they stay together…to earn their very last infinity stone, their final challenge was to build their own Captain America and Hydra agent. And of course it had to be completed to the soundtrack of ‘Everything Is Awesome’ from the Lego movie. Matt won…but it was a close call!

Mischief was well and truly managed!

Buzz Lightyear would surely agree, our happy couple are all set to continue married bliss to infinity and beyond.

It was great to catch up with and work with Lisa and Neil photographers again at the fabulous Easton Grange. Always such fun !

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